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on the side
Here are some personal projects I have done:
  • The Rustic Motel of Rolla, Mo. - This is a promotional web site for my parent's motel in Rolla, Mo. I set up a blogs admin for my dad so he could easily update the site with guest comments. It's a great place. Do visit them if you ever find yourself in Rolla, Mo.
  • The wedding of Nisha and Prashant Desai - This is the second site I worked on after producing my own. I'm very proud of it as I was working on deadline and I created the exact effect I wanted, without knowing any html.
  • The wedding of Dipen and Priti Desai
  • Examples of my work
    At knoxnews.com

    Fishing's Lure - Two videos on a local commercial catfisherman. My videos showed the fishing process from Jason Kellar bringing in the lines to he and his family cleaning the catfish so they're ready to be sold. This was a fun but risky project as I was wondering something would happen to our Canon XL1 on the tiny boat. It was also the first time I narrated a video project. I was really happy with the way it turned out. In hindsight, I was wish I was there when Kellar had put the lines in and when he travelled to Chattanooga to deliver the fish. Reporter (and my friend) Morgan Simmon wrote a great story for which he received tremendous feedback.

    'She has the gift' - This is quite possibly one of my most favorite projects. It took me out of the newsroom for some time and I met a beautiful hawk that the falconer named after me. I did everything in this package aside from building the video player, writing the story and taking the photos.

    The Best of Charlie Daniel - 2005 - I interviewed News Sentinel cartoonist Charlie Daniel and put this package together in Flash. (You'll hear my voice asking the questions.)

    2005 in review - photography - I asked the photographer's to give me their most memorable art and built this package in Flash.

    Making the Band A coworker and I took footage of the University of Tennessee's bandcamp and posted them as video vignettes. The challenge we faced was knowing what to cover and how much footage to record. Editing took some time and we also realized our hand held mic wasn't working so we had to find a workaround to fix the audio (this was for the Kelly Bradshaw vignette). Another challenge I faced was having to come up with questions on the fly when I interviewed the program director. (The videos I shot and edited are: Drum Major Kelly Bradshaw, Dr. Sousa describes the program, Final band roster posted, Getting uniforms, On the field at Neyland Stadium.)

    When Oak Ridge Saved the World I conceived the look and concept of the Web version of this project and put it together on my own. The Monday before it was published, I had taken video of about 12-14 people profiled and edited each down for the profiles page. I wasn't sure how to make a dropdown menu open into an iFrame, but some Googling helped me find a solution. Another challenge I faced was not always having the audio and video synch up. I've come to realize it may be how I'm importing the video from our camera and also the quality of our FLV compression. I also put together the message board and article. The Flash video player and slide show scrubber bar were templates created by another coworker.

    Rescue Waggin' I took video of animals from a local shelter being prepared for a trip to Detroit where they would be put up for adoption to complement a story running the following day . I was there at 6 a.m. to take video. I edited that day and posted it in a Flash video template created by a coworker. The challenge I faced was using an FLV meant for Flash Player 8, since it is relatively new. I tested the video on different platforms and also had coworkers test it for me. Another challenge was keeping the quality of the video while maintaining a decent file size.

    Saving Nickajack I conceived the look and concept of the Web version of this project and put it together on my own. The challenge I faced here was trying to put poor quality audio and not a varied amount of art in a package for a story of great importance. Thankfully, I had interviewed our business editor and was able to use his audio as a guide. The audio editing program I have at work doesn't allow for multitrack editing, so I had to use freeware for this. A coworker had designed the Flash audio slide show template and I modified it to suit my design.

    Living Positive: HIV/AIDS in East Tennessee I organized, posted and produced the Web version of this week-long series. The biggest challenge I faced was knowing how to organize the information since there was a lot of content.

    Reaching Out I conceived the look and concept of the Web version of this project and put it together on my own. I interviewed the reporter and asked the photographer to give me some of his own audio clips and put it together in this cohesive package. I struggled on time with this and came in on the weekend to complete it. Another slightly smaller challenge I faced was not being able to make the map "look" like part of the project.

    Vigil for Cindy Sheehan I conceived and produced this video using a small Sony cybershot. It took me about 2 and a half hours to shoot, edit and post the video. The challenge I faced was editing it as the software we had doesn't allow for voiceovers or fades, so it was very rudimentary. But knowing how quickly we can shoot something compelling with our small camera and post it quickly was definitely impressive.

    Rocky Top around the Clock An in-depth look at the work that leads up to game day at the University of Tennessee. I shot all the video for this, edited the video pieces, picked photos for our slide show and pieced it all together online. Another producer built the flash video template, which is how we embed most of our video now.

    Charlie Daniel: Best of 2004 An audio slide show of our cartoonist's best work of the year. I put together a slide show in Flash and used the audio template another producer had built. I asked our cartoonist to describe the cartoons to me and recorded the audio. I conceived, designed and produced this package.

    Photograhers' best work - 2004 A photo gallery in Flash of our photographers' best work. I conceived, designed, and produced this project.

    The Haunted Bijou Theatre A feature piece that investigated whether a local theatre is haunted. I worked with our fine arts reporter to tour the theatre early one morning. I shot video, edited the pieces and put it together in a Flash template another producer had built.

    Grand re-opening of the Tennessee Theatre I put the package together online, gathered audio, took 360-degree photographs.

    God's Business I worked with the business staff to create online components to complement their week-long series. I put together this package online, edited my own video and audio, shot the 360-degree photos and the still images for the audio slide show.

    Bonnaroo 2004 I set up our blogs and trained our reporter and photographer on how to use them. I designed and produced the section and worked with the photographer to make sure we had all our images for our slide show.

    Cicada Mania I shot the three video pieces on cicadas in general and how to cook them. This was the first time I had touched our Canon camera and so I basically went off not knowing what I would come back with. I also put together this page with all our cicada stories. With our redesign, the page may not render very well.

    A night out: Cup-A-Joe in the Old City I worked with a photographer to do a soft feature on a local coffee-shop. We visited the coffee-shop one evening, where the photographer took photos and I recorded audio. I edited the photos with the photographer and put it together in a flash audio slide show.

    photo.knoxnews.com A photographer site I conceived and produced to highlight our photographer work.

    Static pages I have designed and created where I try to organize a lot of links and data we have:
  • Multimedia and Special packages
  • Slide shows
  • Blogs I'm the unofficial blog set up person at the News Sentinel. I've set up blogs, designed templates and trained reporters on how to have successful blogs. I asked our corporate help desk to parse the blog XML in the CMA.
  • RSS (I set up the RSS, posted the link on the page and typed up the information and instructions.)