I'm sure many people who attended the wedding and reception will have memories of the events. Let me reminisce on a few I have:
  • landing in rainy Philadelphia after midnight and then going to Cherry Hill, N.J., to get mehndi done by my bestest sister, Nisha. And despite popular opinion, I think "modern mango" is the new wave in henna design.
  • sleeping a total of six hours and going ahead running around and preparing for the wedding.
  • hanging out in the motel room the night before and talking Dipen, Amit, Nisha, Hetal, Hanish, Neetash, Ronak, Dhamu, Karan, Rohan, Shitul and Dimple about people back in the day.
  • the whole shoe debacle during the wedding — a scare at first but all in good fun at the end
  • sitting at the bar in the Bombay Cuisine restaurant after lunch and just enjoying the afternoon drinking Midori Sours and listening to Zambians voices.
  • watching Dipen and Priti take their first dance together, enjoying their own private moment oblivious to everyone else.
  • listening to Nisha speak from her heart about how much she loves Dipen.
  • being put on the spot to make a speech and coming through just fine.
  • scaring my Mum by crying for I don't know how long and mumbling incoherently.
  • jumping and dancing like crazy after hearing the Chipolopolo song come on. We have to thank Tinu for that.
  • getting it on with Bally Sagoo (Aaja Nachle) - and Daler Mehndhi to bhangra.

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