Dipen "Deraz waz in da House!!!" was born in Zambia and grew up as the baby in the family until Jigsha came along. He liked adventure — a trait that would sometimes land him in trouble with the higher-ups. I remember one instance when he was about 12 and Atson was picking us up from school. Dipen decided to take over the wheels and drive home. Mrs. Jones saw him and immediately stopped the car and just had a fit and badly scolded Dipen and Atson.

He flipped a car around that summer too, totaling the car but jumping out of it without a scratch.

He was a a really good sportsman and played an array of sports in grade and high school. He won trophies in tennis, badminton, golf and swimming too. Going to school at Chengelo in Mkushi (the bush) toughened him up to the elements. He hiked, camped, harrassed juniors, ran away twice, aped teachers and lived life fully those days.

Later on, he become a regular pool player and seemed to be locally known for his talents.

Dipen joined the golf team at his college in Philadelphia, where he was awarded the MVP trophy one year.

He's now working in downtown Philadelphia for a telecommunications company.

facts: Dipen's dressing habit is like that of a woman's — he takes forever. He loves shopping at Banana Republic and Kenneth Cole. He believes in living in the moment. He's a good guy and the best brother any sister could have, despite constantly making fat jokes!